Karyn Henley ('74) | Teacher Education

karyn henley

Author of original Beginner's Bible,
and Day By Day Kids Bible

Karyn Henley's love for children and those who teach them has led her to a career as author and creator of an array of award-winning products.  Most notable is the original Beginner's Bible, which has sold more than 4 million copies in 17 languages, and the Day By Day Kids Bible, a chronological Bible for young readers.

The Day By Day Begin-To-Read Bible, a picture Bible written at a first-grade reading level, and One Hundred Ways to Teach Your Child About God are among the latest of Karyn's book, video and audio tools designed to help parents stimulate faith growth in their kids. 

"Children are the most important people whose lives we can touch," says Karyn. "Most of the people who become Christians do so before the age of 18.  And of those, more people decide under the age of 12.  It's a prime time to influence our children."

The 1974 ACU graduate has also produced Bible Time curriculum for ages 2 through 5, and many other resources for home and classroom.

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