Majors and Certifications

Majors and Certifications 

  1. A supplemental certification in English as a Second Language is embedded in all degree plans.
  2. A Special Education supplemental certification may be added to any degree plan.
  3. Some majors combine two certification areas (Math and Computer Science; Journalism and Technology Applications).

Certifications Offered by ACU Teacher Education Program:

  1. Art (Grades EC-12) 
  2. Chemistry (Grades 7-12) 
  3. Computer Science (Grades 8-12)
  4. Core Subjects (Grades EC-6)
  5. English Language Arts and Reading (Grades 4-8)
  6. English Language Arts and Reading (Grades 7-12) 
  7. History (Grades 7-12)
  8. Journalism (Grades 7-12) 
  9. Languages Other Than English - Spanish (Grades EC-12) 
  10. Life Sciences (Grades 7-12)
  11. Mathematics (Grades 4-8)
  12. Mathematics (Grades 7-12)
  13. Music (Grades EC-12) 
  14. Physical Sciences (Grades 6-12) 
  15. Physics/Mathematics (Grades 7-12)
  16. Science (Grades 7-12)
  17. Social Studies (Grades 4-8)
  18. Social Studies (Grades 7-12) 
  19. Special Education
  20. Technology Applications (Grades EC-12)     
  21. Theatre (Grades EC-12)

Supplemental Certifications:

  1. Special Education Supplemental
  2. English as a Second Language Supplemental  

For more information contact, Director of the ACU Teacher Education Program.

Serving Local Schools
ACU Teacher Education majors get hands-on with students at a local elementary school.
Masters of Education in Teaching and Learning

The Master of Education in Teaching and Learning is a one-year master's program designed for ACU students who will complete a bachelor's degree in Education