Dana Pemberton

Email: dlp94a@acu.edu

Areas of scholarship or expertise:

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Children’s Ministry and Spiritual Development in Children
  • Courses typically taught:
  • Education of the Young Child
  • Guidance in Early Childhood
  • Early Language and Literacy
  • Elementary Curriculum, Materials, and Media

What you want to give your students:

It is important to me that my students understand the value of working with children. It is a holy calling. Jesus tells us that when we welcome a child in his name, we welcome him. What could be more important than that?

What you expect from your students:

I believe true learning is as much a conversion experience as it is an academic one. Therefore, I am more concerned about what my students believe that what they know. Because of this I teach in ways that challenge them to think critically and to make connections to their own experience in order to facilitate reflection on their unfolding philosophy of teaching and learning.

Why you are at ACU:

As a Christian teacher educator it is impossible for me to separate what I believe about God from what I believe about children. Teaching at a Christian university allows me to fully integrate faith into the process of preparing public school teachers. What an amazing blessing!

Outside interests:

In addition to my work in teacher education, I am very involved in children’s ministry at my local church. I write the curriculum for my kindergarten and first grade Bible class. Every Sunday I spend an hour with about seventy 5-7-year-olds.


My two children, son Wade and daughter Taylor, are my greatest treasures. 

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