Student Opportunities

How do I get admitted to Teacher Education?

In accordance with Texas state law, the ACU has established criteria for admission to the Teacher Education Program. Before taking more than 6 hours of EDUC courses, a student must first be admitted to the Program. Read more about admission requirements in the Teacher Education Handbook (PDF).

What is the August Experience?

The August Experience is a provision for teacher candidates required in the final fall of preparatory coursework.  One week prior to the beginning of school at ACU in your final fall, you will return to campus. 

During that week you will participate in professional development, spend three days on a local campus assisting your cooperating teacher as he/she prepares for the first day of school, and spend the first two days of school in that classroom with your cooperating teacher. Your duties will include such taksk as cleaning the room, organizing books, putting up bulletin boards, filing, attending meetings, and preparing for the first day’s activities. 

If you are student teaching in your final fall, you will complete your August Experience with the same teacher you are assigned to for student teaching. If you are enrolled in Elementary or Secondary Block during your final fall, you will generally be assigned to the same cooperating teacher that has accepted you for your Internship. Find out more about student teaching in the Teacher Education Handbook (PDF).

How can I prepare for the TExES teacher certification exam?

There are at least two TExES exams every candidate must take and pass in order to be recommended by ACU for teacher certification. In order to receive permission to take a TExES exam, candidates must take a practice test if available and/or get permission from the appropriate content department. Testing costs are currently $120 per exam. These costs occasionally increase. Candidates are encouraged to stay abreast of these costs by visiting the testing website. The department will make every effort to inform candidates when costs increase. Information about and registration for the TExES exams is available at

Student Handbook

Download the Teacher Education Handbook (PDF) to find details about admission, field experience, certification and testing, student teaching and more.

APA Tutorial

This PowerPoint presentation takes you through the basics of the APA style for writing papers and journal articles. Download a copy of the APA Tutorial.

More Links for Current Students

  • Department Calendar - Find out about department chapel, professional development opportunities and more.
  • Catalog - Choose the year you entered as a freshman, and then Teacher Education (formerly known as the Department of Curriculum and Instruction). The catalog has been available online since 2007. Other years are available in PDF form.
  • Links for Educators - These links will be helpful as you make the transition from teacher candidate to professional teacher.    

Serving Local Schools
ACU Teacher Education majors get hands-on with students at a local elementary school.
Masters of Education in Teaching and Learning

The Master of Education in Teaching and Learning is a one-year master's program designed for ACU students who will complete a bachelor's degree in Education