Shape Lives

After graduation, our alumni leave ACU and go out unto the world. Here are their stories of how they're shaping students' lives and how their lives are being shaped by their students.


shannon lairShannon Lair
2008 ACU graduate

"I can honestly say that I have the job of my dreams," says Shannon, who is now teaching first grade at Kigali International Community School in Rwanda. Shannon credits ACU with giving her the preparation she needs to be a first-rate teacher, no matter where.




karyn henleyKaryn Henley
1974 ACU graduate

"Children are the most important people whose lives we can touch," says Karyn, who has an education degree from ACU. Many children have grown up reading her Beginner's Bible, which has sold more than 4 million copies in 17 languages.




caleb reid

Caleb Reid
2005 ACU graduate

Kids who drift toward the back of the room so they can sleep through class tend to drive some teachers crazy - but not Caleb Reid. He just wakes them up and asks if they're OK. The result is a positive learning environment for ninth-graders in Caleb's classroom.







Fabiola Leon
2008 ACU graduate

Fabiola credits the teachers she had growing up with her desire to become an educator herself. They inspired her, and she wants to return the favor. Thanks to her ACU education, she is doing that now. 







Serving Local Schools
ACU Teacher Education majors get hands-on with students at a local elementary school.
Masters of Education in Teaching and Learning

The Master of Education in Teaching and Learning is a one-year master's program designed for ACU students who will complete a bachelor's degree in Education