Why Education?

At ACU, you'll be a part of a teacher education program that will empower you to grow in education, experience learning and shape lives as you live out the love and teaching of Christ.

Here's What Else Sets Us Apart:

  1. You will get unprecedented support throughout your first five years of teaching with our distinctive Summer Institute for Beginning Teachers.
  2. All students take a 3-hour course in Special Education.
  3. All students receive important preparation for English as a Second Language (ESL) certification.
  4. Those certifying in Early Childhood through 6th Grade have over 200 hours in field experience prior to Student Teaching.
  5. Students have multiple and varied opportunities to participate in field experiences.
  6. Technology is integrated throughout the curriculum.
  7. Graduates of our program are recognized as exemplary throughout the state and nation. 
  8. Faculty members have a record of exemplary service in a variety of pre-k through 12 school settings.
  9. Students have opportunities to participate with faculty in presenting research at national and regional, professional conferences.
  10. ACU offers a variety of opportunities for service learning and cross-cultural experiences. (Summer Practicum, Study Abroad, Spring Break Campaigns, Summer Mission Trips, etc.)
  11. Professors are committed to the individual student and to forming supportive relationships with them.

By the Numbers:

The May 2013 graduating class celebrated a 100% passing rate for all initial attempts on all certification exams in the Early Childhood through Elementary and Special Education programs. That is 100% of candidates passing 74 TExES certification exams on their first attempt.  

Certification Exam Taken Students Taking Exam ACU Pass Rate on First Attempt
Generalist EC-6
(Early Childhood Elem.)
English as a Second Language Supplemental22100%
Special Education5100%
Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities25100%

Employment rate for graduates in Early Childhood through Elementary and Special Education

Time Period Number of Graduates Percentage of
Graduates Employed
May 201326100%
May 201225100%

A Note from a Recent Graduate:

"I cannot think of a better place to prepare for a career in education than ACU.  From my very first year teaching, I felt confident in my ability to plan and deliver effective instruction to all levels of students in my classroom.  Not only was I prepared to provide quality instruction, I was also able to establish a rapport with my students and turn a group of 22 children into a family.  My professors at ACU shared not only their expertise, but their life experiences, allowing me to catch a glimpse of teaching at its best.  Since graduating from ACU, I have become aware of the high level of respect afforded to teachers who share my alma mater.  I have heard principals remark on the high caliber of teachers that ACU "turns out," and have experienced a sense of pride to know that I attended a university with professors that care enough to personally invest in the lives of their students with the knowledge that we will someday do the same.

After my first year of teaching, my principal told me that she has seen five-year veterans of teaching that were just reaching the caliber of lesson planning that I had achieved in that first year.  I would like to take credit for this, but the fact that I was able to plan such effective lessons stemmed from my thorough training at ACU."

Tobin White - ACU Graduate
Isbell Elementary, Second Grade

Serving Local Schools
ACU Teacher Education majors get hands-on with students at a local elementary school.