Experience Learning

We realize the importance of the traditional classroom learning experience, but we also know that sometimes the most important things you'll learn will happen outside the perimeter of campus. So, whether you're in Abilene or studying abroad in Uruguay or England, you'll get real-life experience. 

ortiz children

A 'life-changing experience'

They sit on the floor in the hall or on a rug in the classroom — anywhere but behind a fifth-grade size desk.

To a teacher from the old-school way of doing things, it looks and sounds a little like chaos. But to Dr. Sheila Delony it looks like the perfect setting for learning and to Toni Wellhausen it’s "a life-changing experience."

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Serving Local Schools
ACU Teacher Education majors get hands-on with students at a local elementary school.
Masters of Education in Teaching and Learning

The Master of Education in Teaching and Learning is a one-year master's program designed for ACU students who will complete a bachelor's degree in Education