Didactic Program in Dietetics Concentration (NDPD)

DPD Mission:

"to prepare students to serve and lead through living and teaching healthful nutrition practices and wellness.  Christian values will be modeled in any area of dietetics the student chooses, including clinical nutrition; communtiy nutrition or health promotion/ disease prevention; healthcare facilities such as hospitals, long-term care facilities, and clinics; restaurant management and food service operations; pharmaceutical and food companies; food industry;  research, or education." 


 DPD Goals:

1) The program will prepare students to have commitment to Christian and community service.

2) The program will prepare graduates to enter dietetic internships and/ or graduate schools.

3) Graduates of the program will obtain jobs in the field of dietetics. 


DPD Measurable Outcomes: 

1) Students will demonstrate effective communication.

2) Students will demonstrate the ability to apply the physical and biological sciences to dietetics.

3) Students will demonstrate an understanding of the impact of socioeconomic, cultural, and psychological factors on health and nutrition behaviors.

4) Students will demonstrate the ability to conduct needs assessments, understand research methodologies, and interpret research.

5) Students will demonstrate food preperation skills and apply sensory and objective evaluation of foods in relation to the functions of ingredients in foods.

6) Students will have knowledge of management systems and principles related to food procurement, production, service, and cost control in food service facilities.

7) Students will demonstrate the ability to determine nutrient needs and translate results into appropriate nourishment for both healthy individuals and those with certain conditions or disease states.

8) Students  will have knowledge of public policy development, food security policies, and the availability of nutrition programs in the community and will demonstrate the ability to participate in community program planning for diverse groups.

9) Students will demonstrate the ability to develop a personal portfolio.

10) Students will demonstrate knowledge of health care systems and operation.

11) Students will demonstrate the ability to serve the community.

12) Students will be able to demonstrate critical-thinking, decision-making and problem-solving skills.

13) Students will demonstrate leadership skills.

14) Students will demonstrate professional attitudes and an ethical approach to practice.


Cost to Students:

$27,854 per year (including housing, books, liability insurance, application fees, and tuition).  There is no expense for travel. medical exams, or uniforms for DPD courses or activites. 


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