Working Group Papers

The Eucharist and the Church in Augustine’s Theology
Roch Kereszty, University of Dallas

Eastern Orthodox Social Ethics and the Anaphora of St. Basil the Great
Philip LeMasters, McMurry University 

Eucharist and Unity in John Chrysostom
Andrew Mercer, Southern Methodist University

Wait One For Another: The Significance of the Eucharist for a Theology of Patience
Arthur Sutherland, Loyola University  

The Early Eucharist as Participation in Heaven
Svere Leid
Stavanger, Norway

Johannine Eucharistic Theology
Curt Niccum, Abilene Christian University

Eucharist in Didache
Jeff Peterson, Austin Graduate School

Before there was a Eucharist: Worship in the house Church
Dennis Smith, Phillips Theological Seminary

I Cor, 10: Koinonia in Eucharist and church
Wendell Willis, Abilene Christian University

The Words of Institution: Their Function in the Earliest Biblical Traditions
Allan McNicol, Austin Graduate School  

Dinner with Friends: Reading the Johannine Farewell Discourse with Ancient Literary Symposia
Chan Sok Park, Yale University

The Language of Eucharist in Ignatius of Antioch: A Proposed Model for Evangelicals”
Coleman Ford, Dallas Theological Seminary

On the Way and Being the Way: Ecclesial Nature and Activity in Luke and Irenaeus”
Christopher Graham, Criswell College

Messianic Meals in the Parables of Enoch and the Gospel of Luke
Leslie Baynes, Missouri State University

The Body of Christ Image
Stanko Jambrek, Biblijski Institut
Zagreb, Croatia

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