A Message from the Director

We offer you a special invitation to be on the campus of Abilene Christian University for Summit 2015. 

In addition to theme speakers preaching from the book of Philippians, more than 100 class sessions will address many issues of culture, ministry, missions, worship, spiritual formation and congregational leadership. It will be our blessing to host you at Summit this year.

We look forward to this time to study, network, converse and connect with friends from near and far. We hope you will join us.

David Wray
Interim Director



Message from former director, Brady Bryce


Thanks so much for your interest and support of Summit. I requested to be relieved of Summit duties to allow me to focus on my full time faculty and director’s role for Contextual Education in the Graduate School of Theology. While this was a very difficult decision for Donna and me to make, I am excited about the future. I especially want to thank Dean Ken Cukrowski and Robert Rhodes for their support and leadership. I am grateful to my friend and mentor David Wray, who serves as Interim Director of Ministry Events. He has an excellent team of people working with him. The 2015 Summit program looks great.

I am thankful for my eight years of work on Summit. I am honored that the Summit planning team invited me to open this year’s event as the Theme Speaker on Sunday evenings. Our prayerful exploration of Paul’s letter to the Philippians will bless all who attend. I pray that ACU Summit will continue to bless the church, the university and God's work in the world. My work with Summit would have been impossible without so many wonderful folks across the world (like you!). So, thank you all for your support and encouragement. As always, please continue to pray for Summit!

Featured Presenter



Summit will offer a noteworthy two-part class, entitled “What Will the Universal Body of Christ Look Like in the Next 25 Years?” featuring Dr. Andrew Hairston, minister of Simpson Street Church of Christ in Atlanta, Ga. and Dr. Royce Money, ACU chancellor, for a timely conversation about racial reconciliation.

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