Helpful Links for Mission Travel and Communication

General Mission Information
One site that serves as an “information lobby” available missions resources on the web
Contains articles, links, and phone numbers for a lot of resources, also allows missionaries from around the world to contribute resources.  There is a downloadable PDF version of The Missionary Resources Handbook, an 80 page booklet covering much of the material on the website.
Church of Christ organization with many helpful articles and links.

Travel and Shipping

Travel agents can give you flexibility and help in a crisis; discount website purchases are cheaper but inflexible. Raptim USA ( is a well known travel agency for missionaries that offers discount tickets for missionaries and mission related travel.  Many HIM personnel work through

Other good agencies focused on helping missionaries include:
A mission related travel firm that negotiates special-fare contracts.  They have updated information regarding visas and passports.
Details safety conditions and more for each country.
Provides detailed information on the facilities offered by the world’s major airports.
The leading company in obtaining travel documents through the passport office, US Secretary of State, and foreign consular offices.  Includes many downloadable visa forms.
Provides downloadable visa applications and visa requirements for almost every conceivable country worldwide.
A website that explains how airlines set their prices, outlines the benefits of online bookings and travel agencies, and other service providers.
Website for typical travel information such as fun locations, currency information and electrical options (voltage).
A site for exact time and time zones for different areas of the world.
The official USA government information on other countries (click on worldfactbook) and travel adviseries

Finance and Insurance
Universal currency converter featuring up-to-the-minute rates on every known world currency.
Search for ATM machines in the region you visit, whether you use Visa or MasterCard.

Short term health insurance options:

Communications and Technology
Provides calling codes for every country worldwide with instructions on making international calls.
Offers a variety of phone card recommendations based on location.
Virtual calling card system.
Free internet phone communication option. and
Websites for sharing photos. and
Websites for sharing movies.
Free site for sharing larger, hard to upload files.

Health and Safety
Details health concerns and vaccination requirements for 18 world regions, with links to more info.

Practical Advice
For the questions you never knew you’d have to ask, this site allows you to ask experienced missionaries anything you need to know and distributes a monthly newsletter.     
Provides links on topics such as Church Planting, Evangelism, Fundraising, Member Care, MK Web Links, News Sources, and Short Term Missions.

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