Dr. Chris Flanders

Dr. Flanders spent 11 years doing mission work in Thailand, 7 of those working as a church-planter in the northern Thai city of Chiang Mai. He is especially fond of Thai food and Thai fruit.

His research interests include the areas of Face and Facework Theory, the anthropology of social honor and shame, socio-cultural study of the Bible, and Stone-Campbell mission history. His dissertation was on the theological implications of Thai face.

His focus in teaching is on integrating theology and missiology to strengthen systems of student theological and missional formation.

He is married to Cara (Duvall) who works as a marriage and family therapist. They have two children: Autumn and Ethan.

Dr. Flanders is the advisor for graduate programs in Missions.

Missionary Anthropology, Foundations of Missiology, Worldview and Worldview Change, Teaching the Gospel, Planting and Developing Churches

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