Serving as a WorldWide Witness intern demands a high level of commitment. Here are some of the requirements:


  • Pray about this opportunity and your motivation.
  • Read and agree with ACU's Faith Commitment.
  • Submit all material needed for the processing of your application, i.e., online application and spiritual autobiography.
  • Pay a non-refundable $40 application fee.
  • Express preferences about where you want to go, but accept that the directors of WorldWide Witness have the final word about field assignments.


  • Communicate openly, frequently and respectfully with trainers and supervisors.
  • Participate in training class BMIS 440 Short Term Missions (offered in spring).
  • Find a supervising congregation and raise funds.
  • Purchase medical insurance for the time of the internship.

On the Field

  • Represent God, your sending church, ACU and WorldWide Witness in a Christ-like manner at all times.
  • Maintain a good relationship with your fellow interns, both before and during the internship.
  • Go as a learner and look for opportunities to be of service to others.
  • Avoid any action that would compromise the integrity or effectiveness of your field supervisors.
  • Support their ministry and doctrinal positions without reservation or complaint.
  • Maintain an attitude of service and cooperation.
  • Follow your supervisors’ guidelines with respect to opposite sex relationships.


  1. October: Recruiting begins
  2. November: Applications due
  3. January: Start class begins
  4. May-June: Departure for internships
  5. August: Debriefing
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Spend your summer in a cross-cultural setting using your unique gifts, learning from experienced mentors and helping others through service.


Although Asia Todd ('14) grew up on the mission field, her internship in Mwanza, Tanzania was her first time to be a part of a missionary family in a context wholly different than how she grew up. 


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