Nottingham, England

Nottingham, England


     The work was started 14 years ago buy a small group of people meeting in a hotel. Work was done with different groups from the states helping to establish the Christian community and outreach. There is a large focus on young people and school work which has been going on for a couple of years headed by Simon Williams.


Intern goals:

  • To encourage the congregation and each other, to grow closer to God, and strive to do his will.
  • To help in the community, to establish reputation and friendships.
  • Help in teaching Sunday School.
  • Volunteer in the community.
  • Help with Children’s clubs and summer activities.


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Although Asia Todd ('14) grew up on the mission field, her internship in Mwanza, Tanzania was her first time to be a part of a missionary family in a context wholly different than how she grew up. 


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