Mwanza, Tanzania

Mwanza, Tanzania


     The work among the Sukuma started in the early 1990’s with the Bentley and Newton families who worked in the rural villages surrounding Mwanza.  They worked for 8 years and together they planted nearly 100 churches with over 3,000 Christians.  In the late 90’s the Thomas family worked several years to plant 5 churches in new areas of rural Sukumaland.  The current team has been here since 2000 and now consists of 3 families, the Boyces, Groens, and Guilds.  The Boyces have planted 3 churches in Mwanza town while the other families have planted 14 churches in the new areas of Sukumaland. 

Intern goals:

  • Learn Sukuma culture and become a part of the Christian community there.
  • Consider mission strategy issues, theological issues, cultural issues, etc.
  • Study language with tutors.
  • Attend team functions.


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Although Asia Todd ('14) grew up on the mission field, her internship in Mwanza, Tanzania was her first time to be a part of a missionary family in a context wholly different than how she grew up. 


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