Meet Eean Cochran

Name: Eean Cochran
Hometown: Trophy Club, TX
Classification: Senior
Track: Musical Theatre

Describe a memorable event or image in an ACU play in which you have performed, directed, designed or crewed or one you've seen here.
One of the most memorable events for me in an ACU production was while performing as Willard in Footloose. (Spring 13’) While deeply in the rehearsal process for Footloose, I received an amazing opportunity. This opportunity involved me having to leave school 3 weeks early, and to leave my amazing cast a week before our final weekend performance. This was a major test of faith for me, having to trust that if this were God everything would fall in line. But the most memorable part was the support of my department family. The professors, cast, crew and so many friends were encouraging the entire time. They assisted me with any help I needed with school, packing and so much more. And they showered me with gifts and letters and so much love and prayer upon my departure The constant love of this department is overwhelming, we are truly a family, supporting, encouraging, and pushing one another in love towards our purpose!

How has faith impacted your journey as an artist?
My faith has played a huge role in my life and especially in my art. Being a performer can be very stressful and bring many situations that leave you asking, “Who am I?” As a Christian performer dealing with this question hasn’t been as much of a struggle. My worth is not found in who likes me, accepts me, casts me, or awards me, but rather my identity is found in Christ where I place my faith. So having faith involved in my art has made rejection easier, knowing that God has a plan. It has lightened the burden of being judged, which I’m sure any performer could use. Theatre is something I enjoy, but without the drive and passion to use it as a ministry to share my faith, I don’t feel like I would be as determined to grow in it as a career. 

What advice do you have for a prospective theatre major?
Advice I would give a prospective theatre major would be to just be you. I feel as a performer it is important to be grounded in who you are, and know that you can only offer YOU. No one else will be the same so embrace that. But in the same aspect be open to critique and challenges, they will make you more versatile as a performer. Also, be open-minded, as a performer you will benefit most from taking what you can from each person you come in contact with on stage and off. If you feel like you are just a dancer, or singer, or just an actor still find ways to begin growing in the other fields and embrace those as well, that is what has helped me grow as an all around performer.

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Tepper Semester
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