Meet Dom Huynh

Name: Dom Huynh
Hometown: Beaverton, OR
Classification: Senior
Track: Acting
Favorite Abilene Restaurant: Taste of Asia
Recommended ACU Activity: Freshman Follies

Describe a memorable event or image in an ACU play in which you have performed, directed, designed or crewed or one you've seen here.
My most memorable moment occurred during a rehearsal of Mother Teresa is Dead. The small cast and director had created such an intimate environment where we had the freedom to create, explore and really live out the lives of these characters. It was during the run of a scene where I felt all the training and practice come into play when I shared a magical and breathtaking moment with my co-star. It was not anything grand or spectacular, we just looked at each other and connected, not as ourselves, but as the characters. What we were or who we were had suddenly disappeared and we found ourselves inhabiting these new lives. It made me fall in love with acting that much more and excited to experience it again.

How has faith impacted your journey as an artist?
Creating art is physically, intellectually and spiritually demanding. The most powerful works of art are the ones that utilize all three to their fullest potential. 

What advice do you have for a prospective theatre major?
Come prepared, and ready to work hard. If you can see yourself doing something else in life, then go do it. Be prepared to dedicate yourself to learning and perfecting the craft. Hard work pays off.

Where do you see yourself after graduation?
I see myself moving to LA, working as a personal trainer to support myself as I try to break into the film industry.

The Tepper Semester
Tepper Semester
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