Meet Chelsea Butler

Name: Chelsea Butler
Hometown: Sunnyvale, TX
Classification: Senior
Track: Musical Theatre


Describe a memorable event or image in an ACU play in which you have performed, directed, designed or crewed or one you've seen here.
My Freshman year I got the privilege to be a dresser for Proof.  The show itself was a beautiful and eye opening experience, but something I will never forget was Jaimie Patterson during quick changes. I have always been used to the panic and roughness of quick changes, but Jaimie was an angel. She would have just come off the stage crying her eyes out and while we would begin to help her into her next costume she would just smile and and say thank you, wipe her eyes and go right back on into another scene. I was amazed. I knew then that I was in an amazing place and I wanted to learn to be a seamless actress like her. 

How has faith impacted your journey as an artist?
As artist we take a mirror and hold it up to society. Doing that isn't always an easy job. Our world has many problems and portraying them can get pretty close to home. Without Christ, as an artist, I don't know that I would be able to stand up and speak for some of the characters I have had to play. It's in knowing that I may reach someone and better them or even better myself in the process that has kept my spirits high. God uses artist to make people think, and thats why I love the theatre.

What advice do you have for a prospective theatre major?
Be yourself! Don't try to be someone else, because they are already taken. Be confident in who you are and what you are preforming. Play to your strengths and don't give up. If you want it your going to have to work because theatre is not an easy business, but it is so worth it! 


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