Meet Blake Rogers

Name: Blake Rogers
Hometown: Athens, Texas
Classification: Senior
Track: Musical Theatre 
Resume (pdf)


Describe a memorable event or image in an ACU play in which you have performed, directed, designed or crewed or one you've seen here. 
I will always remember the first time I sang a song in the Civic Center for the Homecoming musical. It was just a rehearsal and the house was empty, but it felt like I was singing to the entire world.

How has faith impacted your journey as an artist?
ACU theatre professors care not only about your development as an artist, but about your development as a spiritual being. They are kind, respectful, and always willing to help you find the answers to the difficult questions.

What advice do you have for a prospective theatre major?
Relax!! Show your true self. And have fun!

The Tepper Semester
Tepper Semester
The Tepper Semester is a unique program in which the ACU Theatre give students the opportunity to live and study in New York City.
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