Meet Amanda Jarufe

Name: Amanda Jarufe
Hometown: Coppell, TX
Classification: Junior
Track: Musical Theatre

Describe a memorable event or image in an ACU play in which you have performed, directed, designed or crewed or one you've seen here.
I was very blessed and excited to be cast as a Freshman in Shakespeare in Hollywood directed by Kari Hatfield.  In the rehearsal process, I learned what community is. Everyone in the Department is so loving to and supportive of each other, and I had never encountered anything like that before. When opening night came, I remember the whole cast was sitting in the classroom downstairs, and Kari was giving her normal speech before any rehearsal. She started telling us how much we have blessed her and how we made her first show she directed at ACU such a memorable experience. I then recognized that because our director was so positive and loving towards us, we in turn loved one another. I’m so appreciative that we have a wonderful faculty who teaches us by their actions.

How has faith impacted your journey as an artist?
My faith and relationship with God has completely impacted my journey as an artist. Through Christ, I have realized what my calling is, and that my destiny in God’s plan is to perform for His glory. It doesn’t matter where I end up, as long as I am happily performing for Him. I have also come to realize that through the Holy Spirit, God will use me to minister to people around me in the theatre world. I am so blessed that He would choose me for that.

What advice do you have for a prospective theatre major?
The best advice I could give to a prospective theatre major is to be confident in who you are as a performer and don’t compare yourself to other people because everyone is different. As an artist you have to know and understand that directors are looking for all sorts of things—one director may not need what you have to offer, but another will love what you bring to the table. It’s all about type—don’t take it personally. 

Where do you see yourself after graduation?
After graduation, I see myself growing even more as a performer somewhere I’m wanted and happy to be performing. It doesn’t matter what city, I’m going to trust God’s plan for me!

The Tepper Semester
Tepper Semester
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