Scheduling and Fees

To schedule an appointment, call 325-674-4826:

The clinic staff will ask for basic information which will be used to assign you a counselor trainee and determine your availability. You will be notified by a clinician to schedule an intake appointment.

If you miss an appointment:

The Psychology Clinic respectfully asks you to reschedule or cancel appointments within 24 hours of your appointment so that we may free up space for someone else.

Counseling Fees:

  • Individual/couples/family counseling: $10 to $20 per session (based on income)
  • Group counseling: $5

Psychological Assessment and Testing Fees*:

  • Single personality assessment (e.g., MMPI): $50
  • Assessments that take 2-4 hours, such as: $150
    • Intelligence Testing
    • Comprehensive personality assessment
    • ADHD Screening
  • Assessments that take 4-8 hrs, such as: $300
    • Full ADHD evaluation
    • Learning Disability assessment
  • Autism assessment: $500

some scholarships available


We do not bill insurance companies directly at this time but will provide client with a receipt for services received upon request.


The ACU Psychology Clinic follows the ACU Schedule of holidays including closures for Spring Break.

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