Training Opportunities

Workshops, seminars, and courses are available in the following areas for individuals wishing to broaden their knowledge and skills in cross-cultural, psychological, and missional fields of study:

Team building

Teams and Team Leadership (PSYC 388)

Teams and Team Leadership (PSYC 688 graduate)


Leadership Training (BIMS 333)

Church Leadership (BIBM 401)

Leadership Training (BIMS 633 graduate)

Church Administration (BIBM 694 graduate)

Stress Management

Stress and Its Management (PSYC 278)

Conflict Mediation

Mediation: Principles and Practice (PSYC 606 graduate)

Family Mediation (PSYC 640 graduate)

Managing Conflicts in Churches (BIBM 645 graduate)

Training Cross-cultural Workers

Christianity in Culture (BIBL 212)

Missionary Anthropology (BIMS 245)

Intercultural Communication (COMS 345)

Communication in Multi-Nation Organizations (COMS 383)

Intercultural Communication (COMS 545 graduate)

Communication in Multi-National Organizations (COMS 583 graduate)

Missionary Anthropology (BIMS 645 graduate)

Cultural Case Studies (COMS 683 graduate)

Psychological Testing/assessment

Psychological Tests and Measurements (PSYC 368)

Cognitive Assessment: Intelligence, Memory, and Achievement (PSYC 642 graduate)

Child and Adolescent Assessment (PSYC 645 graduate)

Clinical Assessment (PSYC 660)

Group Dynamics

Small Group Communication (COMS 331)

Group Psychotherapy (PSYC 620 graduate)

Integrating Faith and Psychology

Introduction to Ministerial Counseling (BIBM 409)

Counseling for Church Leaders (BIBM 644 graduate)


Contact Dr. Allison to schedule a seminar; see the ACU Catalog for course offerings.

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