Course Descriptions for PSJS Minor

ECON 438 International Poverty and Development (3-0-3), spring, even years. Global poverty and development, including challenges facing economically poor countries and individuals, material and non-material views of poverty, relief and development paradigms and organizations, and assessment and intervention tools used by development agencies. Prerequisite: junior standing.

ENGL 328 The Rhetoric and Poetic of Social Justice (3-0-3) he course offers analysis of discursive and non-discursive texts on social justice through various rhetorical approaches.  Its emphasizes the use of rhetorical analysis to critique policies, power structures, and equity in the texts.

HIST 455 Social and Ethnic History in U.S. (3-0-3), fall, odd years. The course of American social and ethnic development from the end of the colonial era to the present. Prerequisite: Junior standing or completion of 6 hours of lower level history.

PHIL 451 Philosophy and Social Justice (3-0-3) This course considers the contributions of major contemporary philosophers to understanding distributive social justice on a national and international level.  The class will explore the consistency of various positions with the teachings of Jesus about social justice.

PHIL 486 Ethics (3-0-3), spring. on selected ethical issues facing contemporary Christians. Same as BIBD 486.

POLS 393 Peace, Power, and Politics (3-0-3) examines classic and contemporary views of political power and the state with a focus on nonviolence as an alternative to war.

POLS 489 International Relations and Christianity  (3-0-3), spring. Interrogates the use of power from the perspectives of Christian realism, the Just War tradition, pacifism, and liberation theory.  Prerequisite POLS 227.

POLS 493 Topics in Contemporary Political Thought (3-0-3), spring, even years. An examination of varying political ideas and concepts relevant in the contemporary world. Course topics include 20th century political thought, the crisis of liberalism, and religion and politics. A writing-intensive course.

PSYC 305 Peacemaking (3-0-3) Prepares students to recognize, analyze, and act to prevent or stop destructive conflict and transform it into social change that is just and that meets human needs.

PSJS 499 Peace and Social Justice Capstone (3-0-3) The capstone course is based on a service-learning experience at a non-profit or public organization that will require students to reflect on justice and peace through a substantial paper and on-line discussions.

SOCI 480 Inequality and Social Justice (3-0-3), spring, odd years. Explores the relationship between social inequality and social justice focusing on several interrelated issues including income inequality, wealth inequality, race and ethnic inequality, gender inequality, and political inequality. Prerequisite: junior standing.

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