Facilities Request

The following request form and policies are for units or organizations at ACU. Groups not affiliated with ACU must contact the Department of Mathematics for the appropriate form.

To reserve FSB 200 (Walling Lecture Hall) or a classoom in the department, please read the following information carefully and complete and submit the request form.

Facilities may not be used for activities or behavior inconsistent with university policy. Any request made to reserve or any reservation already made can and will be denied or withdrawn if the university determines that violation of its policies will or are likely to result.

Student organizations must include a sponsor's name and email in the reservation request.  The sponsor listed must be an ACU faculty or staff member and the email listed must be an @acu.edu email address. The sponsor will receive an email copy of the reservation request/confirmation. 

Posting of signs is not permitted on walls, doors, windows, etc.  This includes, but is not limit to, using tape, nails, thumb tacks, or glue to apply paper, cardboard, signs, pictures, or the like to any walls, doors, windows, window frames, or metal poles.

Moving of furniture or equipment is not permitted without prior written approval from the department office.  No additional chairs, tables, wastebaskets, etc. are available.

Food and/or drink is not permitted in FSB 200 (Walling Lecture Hall).  The use of candles is prohibited.

Please straighten the room before you leave.  Any damages or cleaning charges incurred due to your event may be charged to your group or ACU account if it requires other than the usual cleaning.

Keys may be checked out through the departmental office (FSB 215). Keys must be returned by 8:30 a.m. on the next business day.

FSB 200 (Walling Lecture Hall) has audio-visual equipment available. If you need instructions for using the equipment, please contact the department office at x2007 to make an appointment before the date of your event.

An incomplete or inaccurate form will delay processing of your request.

Request Forms

FSB 200 (Walling Lecture Hall) Request Form

Mathematics Classroom Request Form