Global Studies Minor

  • 18 credit hours, interdisciplinary degree
  • Add breadth and sophistication to your college degree and prepare for global service. 

Today’s world is increasingly globalized, reducing the boundaries between disciplines and requiring a new breed of academic — one with an understanding of our world and the complex issues we now face. Whatever your primary field — business, education, Christian ministry, communications, agriculture, etc. — consider the new interdisciplinary Minor in Global Studies (GLST).

The GLST Minor provides multiple perspectives on the contemporary world and its complexities. The breadth of study prepares students with knowledge and skills essential for responsible citizenship and service in the global community. Potential careers in: 

  • Global Health
  • Teaching Abroad
  • International Business
  • International Aid and Development
  • Environmental Science
  • State Department
  • International Law
  • Journalism


GLST 120 - Introduction to Global Issues - 3 hours

HIST 131 - World History - 3 hours

Selections 12 hours from among the following (no more than 1 upper-level History course; no more than 2 courses from any other prefix):

AENV 130* Environmental & Tech. Science

BMIS 245* Und. Culture for Global Service

BMIS 371* Religion in Global Contexts

BMIS 391 Service in Global Contexts

BMIS 420 Gospel in a Multicultural World

BMIS 458 Focused Training in Missions

BUSA 419+ International Business

COMS 345+ Intercultural Communication

COMS 383 Comm. In Multi-National Orgs.

ECON 260* Principles of Macroeconomics

ENGL 232* World Literature II

ECON 438 Int’l Poverty & Development

ENVR 420 Environmental Thought

GEOG 354+ Cultural Geography

HIST 414 Islam & the West

HIST 416 Near East in Modern Times

HIST 436 History of Africa

HIST 451 American Diplomacy

HIST 474 Recent Europe Times

HIST 478 Latin American Colonial Experience

HIST 479 Latin American Modern Era

HIST 490 Mexico: Growth & Culture

HIST 495 Far East in Modern Times

GLST 212•+ Introduction to Great Britain

GLST 214• People & Culture of Germany and Europe

GLST 217 South America Southern Cone

GLST 499 Global Studies Seminar

POLS 227 International Relations

POLS 344 Comparative Politics

POLS 357 Western European Politics

POLS 358 CIS & Eastern European Politics

POLS 360 Politics of Developing Countries

POLS 361 Politics of the Middle East

POLS 385 American Foreign Policy

POLS 484 International Law & Organizations

POLS 485 International Political Economy

POLS 487 Terrorism Studies

+ These courses may fulfill Language & Cultural Awareness Requirement

* These courses may fulfill University Requirements

• These Courses are only offered on Study Abroad

Up to 6 hours of upper-level language courses (e.g., SPAN, FLAR, FREN; NOTE: Student may count up to 3 hours of 200-level course-work if taken in the cultural setting of the language in question (e.g., Arabic or Mandarin in CCCU Best Semester Program, Spanish 221 or 222 in Montevideo, GER 221 or 222 in Leipzig, etc.)

Total Minor Requirements: 18 hours

Pursue a minor in international studies and make your mark on the world!

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