Ethnic and Women's Studies Minor

  • 18 credit hours

Understanding the diversity of the world we live in is essential to our Christian mission. The ability to navigate issues of race, gender and religion with a depth of knowledge is essential for effective life and service within our communities and abroad.  The goals for the ethnic and women’s studies minor are:

  • To provide resources for the further incorporation of the contributions of ethnic groups and women into all pertinent disciplines.
  • To examine cultural assumptions about ethnicity, gender, race and class in light of information made available by new research about current issues that ethnic groups and women face academically, professionally and personally.
  • To address the intersections of ethnicity, race, class and gender in contemporary society from a Christian perspective.
  • To establish in the campus community an awareness of the values, contributions and perspectives of ethnic groups and women.


HIST 250 - Intro to American Ethnic and Women's Studies: 3 hours

Selections (> 2 courses from each area): 15 hours

  • Women's Studies: BBM 405, COMS 450, HIST 455, ENGL 464
  • Ethnic Studies: COMS 345, ENGL 470, HIST 455

Total Minor Requirements: 18 hours

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