The Department of History offers the Bachelor of Arts degree in History, the Bachelor of Science degree in History (One-Field Teacher Certification Grades 8-12) and Social Studies for Teachers (Grades 8-12). A minor in history may be added to other majors.


The Department of History seeks to help students comprehend the present state of the world through a study of some of the essential currents of the past. The department strives to provide an understanding of the experiences of mankind, to stimulate thought concerning various institutions and ideas and to promote ethical standards in keeping with the Christian faith. There is an attractive future for those who specialize in history, including such areas as the following:

  • College Teaching. This is one of the most desirable careers for history majors. For those who go on to a master's degree, openings may be available in junior colleges. Senior college positions may be available to those who attain the PhD.

  • Government Service. Careers for historians exist in local, state and federal governments.

  • Graduate Studies. History is an exceptionally good area for preparation for graduate studies in fields which require broad, liberal arts education at the undergraduate level.

  • Journalism. History is splendid preparation for students who seek graduate study and careers in journalism.

  • Law. History is one of several fields especially suitable as pre-law education.

  • Museums, Archives and Libraries. The creation of special documents collections, presidential libraries, research centers and historical society museums has increased opportunities for persons with history training. Additional technical training may be required.

  • High School Teaching. Teaching history in high schools requires state certification. Certification may be obtained by combining the Bachelor of Arts degree in history with specific education courses needed for teacher certification or by completing the Bachelor of Science degree in Social Studies for Teachers (Grades 8-12).