Pre-Pharmacy Preparation at ACU

Entrance Requirements

  • The Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT) is a requirement for pharmacy school, and most schools require a minimum score. The exam is given four times a year.
  • Schools encourage an applicant to have some type of pharmacy experience to assist in career decision-making and ensure that the student is knowledgeable about the pharmacy profession.
  • While not required, community service is recommended.
  • Schools will consider a student’s science and math GPA, along with a cumulative GPA. Applicants are also selected through a personal interview in which the Admissions Committee may appraise the candidate’s character, motivation, and personal goals.
  • Students are not required to complete a degree before matriculating into a pharmacy school.
  • Prerequisites vary according to program. Students should always double-check the course requirements with the various programs to insure that they have taken all of the prerequisite classes for that program.

Advisor: Dr. Diana Flanagan
Office: FSB 453

Pharmacy Schools in Texas

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