Courses for Freshmen

Fall Semester:

  1. Required of all entering students:
    • CORE 110 Cornerstone (3 hours)
    • BIBL 101 Life and Teachings of Jesus (2 hours)
    • ENGL 111 Composition and Rhetoric (3 hours)
  2. Additional required courses
    NOTE:  If your ACT Comp score is less than 22 or your SAT Total is less than 1110, you must take BIOL 120 before you can take BIOL112!
    • BIOL 112 General Biology I (3 hours)
    • BIOL 114 General Biology I Lab (1 hour)
  3. Math Score on ACT/SAT generally determines which additional courses you will take:
    NOTE:  All students must take the Math Compass Placement Exam!
    1. If you have a Math Score of 24 or greater on ACT Math or a 550 or greater on the SAT Math section, enroll in:
      • CHEM 133 General Chemistry I (3 hours)
      • CHEM 131 General Chemistry I Lab (1 hour)
    2. If you have a Math Score lower than 22 (ACT) or 550 (SAT), enroll in the appropriate MATH class before taking CHEM 133.
  4. Additional Course
    If for some reason, another course is needed to bring you up to approximately 15 hours total, you should choose something form the following list of courses required for graduation.
    • EXSC 100 Concepts of Health Fitness (1 hour) - must be taken sometime during Freshman year
    • PSYC 120 Intro to Psychology (3 hours)
    • SOCI 111 Intro to Sociology (3 hours)
    • HIST 221 American History I (3 hours)
    • HIST 222 American History II (3 hours)
    • POLS 226 States and Federal System (3 hours)
    • MUSM 230 Intro to Music (3 hours) OR
    • ART 101 Intro to Art (3 hours)
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