Body & Soul offers on-site visits to professional schools

Throughout your time at ACU, Body & Soul students have opportunities to visit many Texas professional schools such as Southwestern Medical School, Baylor School of Medicine and Texas A&M School of Medicine.  During these visits you will meet current alumni attending these institutions as well as professors and deans of admission.  

Temple A&M medical school visit

       Above, Body & Soul pre-med students at
       Temple A&M Medical school for an on-site visit.


  • Stacy Sanchez, junior, pre-med: The A&M on-site visit was my first experience visiting a medical school, and it really opened my eyes to what it looks like and feels like to be in the environment as opposed to just looking at the statistics on the web or listening to a student. It was inspiring getting to see the current students where I want to be in a couple of years.


  • Tyson Garfield, senior, pre-med: I loved the A&M trip because I saw firsthand that ACU students are more than capable of "cutting it" at professional school. It also allowed me to see medical school from the perspective of the student, because the students were not afraid to share their experiences, whether they were good or bad. Having an informal tour from former ACU students was amazing too! We saw some amazing things and gained priceless insight!


  • Dan DuBose, pre-med: Visiting the Texas A&M medical school gave me a boost to push through my difficult classes. It was the first medical school I visited, and it made this journey seem more real. It was encouraging to see what my hard work was all about.


  • Lauren Edwards, pre-dental: I absolutely loved visiting Baylor College of Dentistry!  It was such a wonderful and informative experience.  I especially liked that we were able to have a tour because it made it a little more personal.  I learned so much in just the few hours that we were there.
  • Kate Huggins, junior, pre-med: The Temple A&M medical school visit provided us with an amazing opportunity to cast our minds into the future and see the lives of medical students. The most exciting part of the visit for temple medical schoolme was the opportunity to see the world-renowned simulation center. This allows medical students, pharmacy students and nursing students to practice "real-life" responses to most medical stimuli. The technology at the school was dumbfounding, and I found myself most intrigued with how far medical training has come. This trip allowed me to truly visualize what life as a medical student looks like. This served as a motivation to keep trekking down this path and reminded me just how much I truly want this.   
ACU pre-medical and pre-dental students shadow doctors for real-life experience.
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