Shadowing an Ob-Gyn

Taylor Johnson, sophomore biochemistry major, honors and pre-medical student:

Shadowing a doctor was so much more than I thought it would be and I’m so glad that I was able to do so. This semester, I followed an obstetrician/gynecologist for about a month. I’ve seen and experienced so many things, but there are a couple of moments that stand out. I remember the first time I heard a baby’s heartbeat. I think I was so excited by it that my heart stopped a bit. I was in utter awe that the sound I was hearing was a little tiny heart thumping. Another event that left me speechless was when I saw an ultrasound of a nine-week-old fetus that was about two centimeters in length. That was simply amazing and I remember thinking that that little baby was an example of the awesome power that God has.

One of my biggest blessings during this experience was that I was able to see two Caesarean sections, which was so incredible. I was so nervous when we went into the first one because this was the first time I was going to be around a lot of blood. My hands even started to shake while I was putting scrubs on! But then, I walked into the doors of the surgery room and I was just fascinated by all the activity going on around me. That is certainly something I’ll never forget.

The best part about shadowing was getting to see the interaction between the patients and the doctor. It was a great benefit to me to see how the ob-gyn dealt with them, whether it was answering concerns about their pregnancy or reassuring a patient about some abnormal cervical cells. Seeing that relationship is what I like most about job shadowing, because the best way to experience that is up close and personal. I was also able to have a little of that interaction myself, when I was allowed to measure a baby’s heart rate and growth.

I’m so blessed to have had this opportunity, because I got to see a lot of fantastic things and experience, at least for a couple of hours, what it’s like to be in a doctor’s shoes.

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