Shadowing in the Operating Room

Kate Huggins, freshman biochemistry major and pre-pharmacy student:

"When I walked into the O.R. last Friday, I was very anxious about what I might be seeing. I was struck by the faces of the parents of the children that were waiting to go into the operating room. I marveled at some patients' unwavering courage as they were wheeled into the rooms. Finally, the lights were bright and the room was cold. I felt the cold breath of panic on my neck as the doctor entered and the patient went to sleep. I felt like a person at the base of a roller coaster they have never been on before and I buckled my seatbelt for the ride. I was overtaken in the next few minutes because I was intrigued by what I was seeing.

"This shadowing opportunity has been the experience of a lifetime. I have seen the new pharmacy school in town, talked at length with another pharmacist about my goals, watched a pharmacist save patients thousands of dollars, and finally, observed surgery. All of the pharmacy things made me think that I could probably do that; but when I was in surgery, I realized that maybe I could handle the life of a doctor. I have always sworn it off because of the time constraints and my concerns about having a family. I am struggling again now with what I want to do because I feel like God may have used this opportunity to open my eyes to something that He wants me to do.

"This experience has opened my heart to new possibilities and I cannot wait to see what God will do in my future. At the end of my freshman year, I am reflecting on how much I have changed and grown up in this year and it is incredible. It is truly remarkable that so many amazing things can happen in one year to one person. I know that this is just the beginning."

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ACU pre-medical and pre-dental students shadow doctors for real-life experience.
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