Body & Soul Shadowing Experiences

After a student's first semester at ACU, Body & Soul students are matched with a Christian physician/dentist to get a first-hand "day in the life" experience. This provides an excellent way for students to evaluate their career choice and identify areas of greatest interest. To participate in this opportunity requires a 3.5 GPA as well as being part of the Body & Soul Program.

See what our Body & Soul students say about their shadowing experience:

  • Evan Bridges, pre-health student: I came into this program with a basis of what shadowing was since I had done some in high school. I wanted to choose an oncologist to shadow this semester since that is the field of medicine that I am looking to go into... More
  • Barrett Davidson, pre-dental student: This fall I shadowed two dentists that were in the same office. They both attended ACU. Together they have general dentistry and orthodontic practice on the south side of town. They were very welcoming and helpful to me in learning more about practicing dentistry... More
  • Ali Rakestraw, sophomore pre-medical student: I was privileged to spend close to 15 hours shadowing an OB-GYN working at Abilene Regional Hospital with over 20 years of experience in the field. During this time, I learned more about the field of obstetrics and gynecology, about being a Christian professional, and about my own future pursuit in this field...More
  • Travis Chura, sophomore, pre-medical student: The shadowing experience I have had this semester has been nothing short of extraordinary. I had the opportunity of shadowing Dr. Trammell who is a fairly young neurosurgeon, I mean young relative to the world of practicing physicians, who has taught me what being a physician is really about. Dr. Trammell specializes in aneurysms and spinal cord decompression surgeries such as laminectomies, spinal fusions, and discectomies... More
  • Jonathan Stites, pre-medical student: When I went to sign up for the doctor that I wanted to shadow, I secretly prayed that there would be a pediatrician on the list. Walking into the Body & Soul office, I slowly skimmed the list. To my astonishment, I saw the name of a pediatrician. I quickly signed up... More
  • Aubrey White, pre-medical student: For the past two months, I was able to shadow an ENT specialist. It has been a very interesting and helpful experience. I had absolutely no familiarity with the field of otolaryngology before shadowing, so it was all very new information to me. Patients had a wide variety of different issues...More
  • Kate Huggins, pre-pharmacy student: When I walked into the O.R. last Friday, I was very anxious about what I might be seeing. I was struck by the faces of the parents of the children who were waiting to go into the operating room. I felt like a person at the base of a roller coaster they have never been on before and I buckled my seatbelt for the ride... More
  • Andrew Hester, pre-medical student: I was less than enthusiastic about shadowing a doctor. After all, I knew I wanted to be a doctor and I did not need to follow one around like a "fly on the wall" as some measly little "pre-med" student. That all changed about 10 minutes after I began shadowing... More
  • Gary Duncan, pre-medical student: This semester I shadowed two orthopedic surgeons at a sports medicine clinic. The most striking thing about the experience was that I could legitimately envision myself in a few years doing what they do... More
  • Kathryn Davis, pre-medical student: If I learned anything through this year’s shadowing experience, it’s that I was called to be a doctor. The ob-gyn I shadowed taught me so much about this extraordinary profession and introduced me to my future. More
  • Luke Sorrell, pre-medical student: I shadowed a pediatrician. One of the most important lessons I learned from this experience is the importance of patience and self-control....This experience has definitely increased my desire to become a physician and possibly a pediatrician. More
  • Taylor Johnson, pre-medical student: This semester, I followed an obstetrician/gynecologist for about a month. I’ve seen and experienced so many things, but there are a couple of moments that stand out. I remember the first time I heard a baby’s heartbeat. More

For more information about ACU's Body & Soul program, contact Terri Aldriedge, R.N., B.S.N., Body & Soul program director.

ACU pre-medical and pre-dental students shadow doctors for real-life experience.
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