Michael Sadler, Professor


Whitharral, Texas (about 40 miles west of Lubbock, between Littlefield and Levelland) 

B.S. Texas Tech University
Ph.D. Indiana University

Michael Sadler is responsible for instituting ACU's physics research program. He is fluent in Russian and recently spent several months in Russia after being named a Fulbright Scholar. As the department's reigning ping pong champion, he is always eager for a challenger. 

Research Interests:
Hadronic physics, particularly the structure of the nucleon and its excited states. 

I enjoy table tennis and playing bridge. 

Physical science, modern physics, electronics, network analysis, nuclear physics, topics in research 

What made you become a Christian?
I tried being a good atheist, but it was too hard.

Why would you recommend ACU's physics program?
We have the best undergraduate physics degree program anywhere, particularly for those who are interested in experimental nuclear or particle physics.

What advice would you give to an incoming or prospective student?
If you want a Christian environment with high academic quality, come to ACU. If you want something else, you should go somewhere else.

What is one Bible passage that is special to you?
Deuteronomy 29:29.

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