Bachelor of Science in Engineering Degree


University Core Requirements   Hours
Bible(Includes BCOR 310)15
English 9
Communication 3
ScienceMet by Major Requirements below6
MathMet by Major Requirements below3
Exercise Science 3
Social Studies/ Humanities6 hours met by Major Requirements below6
ACU Intergraded Experience(Cornerstone, CORE 210)6
Foreign Language/ Cultural Competency 3
General Education ElectiveMet by Major Requirements below2
Total  56
Major Requirements Courses Hours
PhilosophyPHIL 379(3)
EconomicsECON 261(3)
MathematicsMATH 185, 186, 286, 361 (Cal 1, Cal 2, Cal 3, DE)(3) / 9
Engineering PhysicsPHYS 120/121, 122/123(6) / (2)
PhysicsModern Physics4
Math/Science SelectionsMATH 124 or above, Chemistry, Physics, or Biology8
Intro to EngineeringENGR 115/1164
Engr. MechanicsENGR 220 (Statics) and ENGR 222 (Dynamics)6
Engr. ElectronicsENGR 335/336 (Intro to Electronics) and ENGR 342/343 (Instrumentation)6
Engr. FundamentalsFluid Dynamics, Mechanics of Materials, ENGR 481 Thermodynamics9
Engineering SelectionsAny other ENGR course.15
Engr. CapstoneENGR 430 and ENGR 4328
DesignDSGN 2453
Electives 0
 Total Major Requirements 72
 Total Core Requirements 56
 Total Degree Requirements 128

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ACU Undergrads at National Labs
ACU's engineering and physics students help conduct nuclear physics research at national labs each summer. See their experiences at Fermilab and Brookhaven.

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