J.D. Wallace, PhD


Professor of Communication

Communication Department
ACU Box 28156
Abilene, Texas 79699-8156
E-mail: jd.wallace@acu.edu
Phone: 325-674-2339
Fax:     325-674-6966

Q & A with Dr. J. D. Wallace

Originally from: Wilmington, DE

Why you do what you do and why at ACU?
I have a natural intellectual curiosity. Academics was the perfect fit for me to use that in a way that was of value to those interested in communication, research, and knowledge.  ACU amplifies my belief that all that I do should be to the glory of God.  I believe that there is a high degree of resonance here that spurs me to be better than I would be elsewhere and motivates students to be better than they would be without a commitment to God.

What do you expect from students?
I expect students to understand that their actions can help or hinder the learning climate.  These actions would include the amount of attention they provide in the classroom, the enthusiasm they bring to the learning experience, the outside work they bring into the learning environment, and the depth to which they engage the material. 

What do you want to give your students?
I want to give them tools that they can use for God’s glory in their professional, social and personal relationships. 

Personal: Married, 2 children

Interests outside class: Church service, family activities and an occasional round of badly played golf. 

Research programs: Crisis communication, Training and Development, Technology Mediated Communication

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Speaking on the Square
ACU Communication majors learn crucial skills and theories to connect with people in our ever-changing world.
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