Why Communication?

Communication faculty, students and graduates dedicate themselves to create excellent and ethical communicators, transforming lives through teaching, scholarship and service.

We recognize the increasingly vital role of communication in modern society.  Communication permeates all social, corporate, civic, educational and religious situations, and the demand for individuals skilled in its use continues to grow.

Are you looking for a place to study the critical role that communication plays in our society through the lens of Christian faith? Join us. We are passionate about making a difference in society.

10 Key Reasons to Study Communication at ACU:

  1. We are passionate about ACU's mission to educate students for Christian service and leadership throughout the world.
  2. Our graduates are changing the world - serving and leading in organizations around the globe.
  3. All classrooms feature the latest in educational technology for usage by teachers and students.
  4. All teachers are faithful Christians active in local churches.
  5. Students complete their degree with ACU’s oldest internship program.
  6. The department’s alumni network is extensive.
  7. Professors know their individual students and are committed to their growth.
  8. Our graduates are recognized as exemplary in the workplace and in graduate schools.
  9. Our graduates are making a difference because of their understanding of the processes of human communication and the importance of these communication processes in today’s troubled society.
  10. Our teachers provide or have provided leadership in ACU programs such as Study Abroad programs, mission efforts, Cornerstone development, and Integrated Core development.
Speaking on the Square
ACU Communication majors learn crucial skills and theories to connect with people in our ever-changing world.
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