Keri Gray ('12) | Communication/Political Science

Keri Gray

Hometown: Longview, Texas

Some students view internships as a necessary evil, but for Keri Gray, an internship represented far more than resume filler - it represented vital experience. Keri's passion for politics and unbridled initiative landed her a summer internship in the office of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

"If you're a person who is interested in politics and you think of influential people, you think of Leader Pelosi," Keri said. "I've always known her image and admired the things she has done. It was amazing, and she puts passion in you to do more."

Keri's internship was organized through the American Association of People with Disabilities. She began applying for the internship in December 2010, and she was accepted in February 2011. AAPD places its interns in offices, and Keri knew she wanted to be in Washington D.C., but she never imagined she would be working with a former Speaker of the House.

"I got to work with both AAPD and her office. I got to see the passion that was there and all they get done," she said. "Her office is a very diverse and inclusive type of environment."

Keri believes experiences in ACU's Department of Political Science and the Department of Communication helped prepare her for the opportunity of a lifetime.

"I definitely gained my drive to taking initiative from my experiences at ACU," Keri said. "One of the biggest things I cherish about ACU is how the university shaped me professionally. I worked in things other interns couldn't do because they couldn't do the things ACU has taught me.”

As she moves forward, Keri believes her internship taught her the value of networking -  a tool she knows will prove valuable.

"I was one of the people who associated networking with sucking up," she said. "But I truly feel this summer I learned what networking was and how people want to network with you. I shook so many hands and collected so many business cards. I met people who wanted to invest in my future, and that's valuable."

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