Dr. T. Brian Cavitt

Contact Information:

Office: Foster Science Building Rm 113
Address: ACU Box 28132, Abilene, TX 79699
Phone: 325-674-2159
Fax: 325-674-6988

Education B.S.    Abilene Christian University, 1998
Ph.D. University of Southern Mississippi, 2002
                    Field: Polymer Science
                    Advisor: Dr. Charles Hoyle


Honors 1998 - ACU Paul C. Witt Award in Chemistry

2002 - Elias Singer Award, Water-Borne, High-Solids, and Powder Coatings Symposium


Professional Organizations

The American Chemical Society
RadTech International, North America

Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology


Editorial Board

Dr. Cavitt serves as co-editor-in-chief of The RadTech Report published by RadTech International, North America.

Co-Chair of the Electronics Focus Group for RadTech International, North America.


Research Photopolymerizations; Photochemistry; Kinetics; Biomaterials; Coatings.


Recent Publications
Mullings, M.E., Walker, C.D., McDonough, A., Cavitt, T.B. "Photochemical Elucidation and Application of the Molecular Interaction of Isopropylthioxanthone with Maleic Anhydride to Three-Component Photoinitiators." Journal of Coatings Technology Research, (accepted for publication).

Anderson, J.A., Hardgrove, E., Cavitt, T.B., and Reeves, P.C. "Photoinitiation of Multifunctional Acrylates via Ferrocene-Alkyl Chloride Charge Transfer Complexes." Journal of Coatings Technology Research. March 2007.

Cavitt, T.B., Phillips, B., Hoyle, C.E., Pan, B., Hait, S.B., Viswanathan, K., Jonsson, S. "Photopolymerization of 1,6-hexanedioldiacrylate initiated by three-component systems based on N-arylphthalimides," J. Polym. Sci. Part A: Polym. Chem., 42(16), 4009, 2004.

Cavitt, T.B., Hoyle, C.E., Kalyanaraman, V., Jonsson, S. "Initiation of 1,6-hexanedioldiacrylate polymerization by three-component photoinitiators incorporating 2,3-dimethylmaleic anhydride," Polymer, 45(4), 1119, 2004.

Cavitt, T.B., Phillips, B., Daniels, C., Nguyen, C.K., Hoyle, C.E., Jonsson, S., Kalyanaraman, V., "Cosynergist Effect upon the Photoinitiation of Acrylates via Phthalimide Derivatives," Photoinitiated Polymerization, Washington, D.C., Oxford University Press, 41, 2003.

Nguyen, C.K., Smith, R.S., Cavitt, T.B., Hoyle, C.E., Jonnson, S., Pappas, S.P., "Sensitized Photopolymerization of Acrylate Systems Using 2,3-Substituted Maleimides, " Photoinitiated Polymerization, Washington, D.C., Oxford University Press, 27, 2003.
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