Research Internships

Research internships are very important.  First, they provide a way for you to find out if research is something you enjoy.  (Graduate school is very research intensive, so it is better to find out if you like research or not before you begin.)  Second, graduate schools look for students who have research experience.  A good recommendation from a research advisor is one of the most valuable parts of a graduate school application.

View the Power Point slides from Dr. Sutherlin's presentation about applying for internships.

How can you get experience?

1. Research with ACU faculty members

Many faculty members in the chemistry and biology departments at ACU do research during the school year.  Find a professor who is doing something you are interested an ask if you can work with them.                                               

2. Summer Research programs

The ACU Chemistry Department has a summer research program.  Talk to Dr. Powell for more infomation.

Many research universities have undergraduate research programs, which are an excellent way to get research experience and to see what the atmosphere will be like in graduate school.  Information about some of these programs is posted on the bulletin board across the hall from Sci 281

Chemistry Internet Resource for Research Undergraduate Students. CIRRUS contains a variety of information and links pertinent to undergraduate research in chemistry, including links to summer research opportunities.

The following links are to information on summer research programs.

Check back as more sites are added to this page! 

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