Dr. Qiang Xu

I grew up at a small town in Southeast China and attended Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China in 1992. After graduation with a B.S. degree in food science in 1996, I worked as an administrative assistant at the Dean's Office of Zhejiang University. Supervising undergraduate students and advising them for their degree programs were my major responsibilities. I enjoyed working with undergraduate students and helping them achieving their goals at Zhejiang University. During that time, I was also interested in molecular biology research and studies, so I started taking classes in that area at ZU. In early 1999, I joined Bioinformatics and Molecular Regulation lab at Zhejiang University. I conducted research on separating and purifying antimicrobial peptides from Chinese toads. In 2000, I attended the graduate school of Zhejiang University and worked on cloning and expressing Bt- receptor genes.

Because of my great interest in molecular biology, I chose to join the cellular and molecular biosciences Ph. D. program at the Department of Entomology of Auburn University after I obtained my M.S. degree in biophysics in 2003. In Auburn, my research focused on investigation of molecular mechanisms of insecticide resistance in insects. I have been studying functional genomics of insects and insect survival mechanisms under insecticide selection pressure. A very common phenomenon in this field is insect's quick development of resistance to insecticides. No matter what kinds of insecticides we invent, insects will develop resistance very quickly. Insects will turn on many genes to produce more enzymes to degrade insecticides. And these genes will be turned off after the mission. What a complex and amazing system! I am always amazed by the elegance and complexity of biological systems our Creator designed.

I joined ACU in August 2007 after graduation from Auburn University. And I have been teaching General Biology, Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics at ACU since then. I would like to share my experiences with students and to strengthen their faith by teaching biology.

Dr. Xu's vitae 



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