Notes from Our Alumni

"My education at ACU was excellent. I have the opportunity to sing its praises often and I never fell I'm being overly generous. Many of my biology and Bible courses have truly prepared me for the lifetime of learning I am seeking as a Christian scientist."- Fourth-year medical student

"Thank you for making ACU a place that I can now call home. Looking back, I am grateful to all of my compassionate professors and mentors. I feel that my educational needs were met or exceeded while at ACU. I then went on further to excel in an intensive fast-paced nursing school to achieve my BSN and am an ICU nurse in Dallas. Thank you." - Intensive Care Unit nurse

"Overall, I believe ACU afforded me the opportunity to be highly prepared in all aspects, but the responsibility lies on each student to take an active role in his or her own education and the classes I did not work as hard in were the same ones I struggled with in professional school. You guys do a great job. Keep up the good work." - Fourth-year dental student

"I really enjoyed and have grown to appreciate greatly the class I took my senior year regarding integrating science and faith (and understanding the many issues and stances out there)...taught very well, great content and have appreciated that the teacher did not pressure students into choosing one stance or another for each of the difficult topics that were discussed. I felt well prepared to enter graduate school (PT). Overall, I feel ACU's biology department is really great! A strength for the ACU educational program! I have appreciated the great professors who were both well-educated and great teachers. Thanks to the biology department for a terrific education!"- Physical therapist

"I truly believe ACU’s biology department prepared me to be a graduate student in dental school. It was obvious the minute my class first stepped into the gross anatomy lab that my fellow ACU alumnus and I were well prepared . . . and that trend has continued through the past three years. ACU’s biology department is obviously well invested in its students and their futures. ACU grads are held in high regard at Baylor College of Dentistry for producing 'years of great doctors.' I will forever be grateful for the preparation ACU allowed me. The things I feel made the most beneficial impacts are:

  • difficult required classes (there are no fluff classes)
  • small class size and professors’ knowledge of their students and their willingness to help at all times (with patience)
  • how the four years in the biology department specifically prepare you for a field in medicine...from cell biology to anatomy. Those early lessons at ACU helped me on tests during my first year all the way to boards!

Finding my niche between science and faith . . . and how to express myself as a faithful scientist to my patients every day without making them uncomfortable while still making it extremely obvious that I am a Christian first and a soon-to-be doctor second." - Dental student

"I realize that I have rated my knowledge and abilities quite high compared to my peers. This is not due to the fact that I am naturally more competent, but rather due to the skills I learned at ACU. I have consistently found my knowledge and skills to be greater than my peers with the same education and experience, both in graduate school and now in my teaching profession. I am so grateful that God led me to a place like ACU!" - Teacher

"My ACU biology education was superior to most, if not all, of my other classmates from other undergraduate institutions who are now in graduate school with me. My ACU education has helped me to be at the top of my class. Upon entering professional school, I have felt well prepared and well versed in almost all areas of study, most especially anatomy, physiology, genetics, oncology, and cell biology. I have been so grateful and appreciative of my ACU biology education. Keep up the good work! God bless you." - Podiatry student

"I have had the opportunity to work with students from dozens of undergraduate universities. I was immediately impressed during my first year as to how well prepared I was for the academic load of medical school. I was often referring back to my notes from ACU courses (physiology, anatomy, etc.) for reference. I felt the knowledge I had obtained and selection of classes I was able to take at ACU were superior to many, many other universities. I used to (and still do) study with several other ACU students. We would be cramming all this information into our heads the weeks before the test and so often we would stop and say, for example, “I wish I could tell . . . at ACU how thankful I am that he taught me that.” I am also very impressed as to how often I hear physicians at the medical school speak so highly of ACU. Not only are they impressed by the academics of ACU students, but also of their great character—being outstanding Christian role models in their field. I have nothing but the highest praise for the ACU program. . . . I know of no other universities who form such long attachments or students who feel as strongly about the quality of their scientific education." - Medical student

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