Mother-daughter team publishes 11th design book

patricia and katharine mcmillan

San Antonio, Texas

Mother-daughter team Patricia McMillan ('56) and Katharine McMillan ('79) have published their 11th interior design book, Old Places, New Spaces, and will see a new edition of their classic Christmas at Historic Houses hit the shelves next fall.

Currently, Patricia and Katharine live in San Antonio where their partnership is flourishing.  

Before settling in San Antonio, Patricia McMillan worked coast-to-coast and abroad as an interior designer and writer, authoring 15 books along the way. She is now partner in San Antonio-based DS Architecture and Interior Design and is working on a number of projects, including a home on the prestigious River Walk.

Katharine McMillan started her writing career in Manhattan, but later relocated to Florida where she earned her doctorate in psychology from Florida Atlantic University.

It was while in Florida that her partnership with her mother began.

"Kat had moved back home to complete her graduate education," Patricia said. "Her friend was an editor at a New York City publishing firm, so when the idea of writing House Comfortable occurred to us, it was Kat who suggested it to her friend." Her friend accepted the proposal, and published their first joint effort.

The experience was comfortable and easy because Katharine had worked for her mother as a senior editor previously, Patricia said.  

Exchanging ideas and the criticisms necessary for refining an idea and polishing a manuscript was a professional undertaking, despite the mother-daughter relationship, Patricia said. "I know how smart she is," Patricia said of her daughter.

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