Special Topics Courses

The following courses are special topics courses open to all ACU students by the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences:

Companion Animal Management (ANSC 235) - This course will cover the practical aspects of behavior, nutrition, breeds and breeding, reproduction, health, and management of dogs, cats, and other animals that are generally considered to be human companions, with the major focus on dogs and cats. Prerequisites: sophomore standing.

General Animal Science (ANSC 111) - This course is designed to prepare students to understand management practices in livestock production by development of a scientific knowledge of the biology of domestic species of animals. The course will acquaint students with the fundamentals of livestock production, including feeding, reproduction and breeding, health, management, and marketing. Prerequisites: none.

Experimental Design and Data Analysis (AENV 371) - Fundamental concepts of experimental and statistical methods as applied to agricultural research. Various experimental designs, their analysis and application to agricultural research will be discussed. Course provides hands-on training with SAS applications to prepare students for real life data collection and analysis. Prerequisites: junior standing.

For more information about any of these courses, please contact Dr. Ed Brokaw at brokawe@acu.edu.

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Expanding Horizons
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