Emmett Miller

"Enjoy life... and keep the faith."  These and other wise words are shared with everyone when Professor Emmett Miller, aka "Prof Miller" is around.  He manages to weave his well-earned wisdom through the many stories he shares, and he shares his stories often.

Professor Miller influences his students to share his credo: to keep their faith and enjoy life at the same time, while also taking advantage of their opportunities.

His faith has not always been easy to keep, however.  Problems in his life have caused him to ask "Why?" of God, yet he has always tried to "keep pluggin' along."  He says, "Everyone's gone through stuff.  The key is God is there.  We don't get rid of the presence of God unless we choose to.  Even then, He's still there."

Seeing God around him has always been a fact of life.  He recalls sitting between his father and uncle while riding to their fields to work.  After they finished talking about the day's plan, the conversation would always turn to the Bible.  Emmett learned from those discussions how to apply the Bible to life and how to "learn from each other."  He wishes he had asked more questions of them and taken advantage of that opportunity.  He credits his dad and uncle with teaching him to take the time to really look and watch the land.

Emmett was born in a Colorado winter after his parents moved there; they moved back in the spring to Goldthwaite, Texas, where he grew up.  He went to a high school with forty-one classmates, twelve of which attended the Church of Christ.  The thirteen did all they could to lead their classmates in the right direction.  Emmett remembers that sometimes they listened, sometimes they didn't.  When not in school, he helped out on the family ranch and learned to raise cattle and sheep and learn from the land.  He attended ACU and while there, lived at Allen Farm for a year (then he got married).  A fond memory is coming home to the Allen Farm trailer full of smoke.  When he asked his roommate what happened, he replied that the TV dinner box caught on fire.  That's when they decided that Emmett would cook and his roommate would do the dishes.

Family is and always has been a big deal to Prof Miller.  He and his wife, Pat, have been married for thirty-eight years.  He has three kids, all married, and seven grand kids.  He has also had the privilege of baptizing and marrying all three of his kids.  Emmett is extremely proud of this accomplishment.  Concerning family, he says, "Don't take for granted time with family."

Emmett has touched the lives of hundreds of students at ACU through his classes, through outside interaction at church, and because he genuinely cares for his students.  Some of Emmett's meaningful (but humorous) sayings are, "We're all ignorant...just in different subjects," "Your folks get smarter the older you get," and "The only thing that gets better with age is your forgetter."  He changes his favorite Bible verse often; the latest is John 14:1-3, a comforting passage that talks about Jesus preparing a place for us.  He also appreciates Romans 8, which talks about us never being able to be separated from God, no matter what.  Emmett also believes that Philippians 4 is a good guide to making decisions.

In short, Prof Miller is a unique man who has learned from his life experiences and teaches his students to do the same.  Emmett shares the blessings God has given him and in turn is a blessing to all of us who are touched by him.


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