Dr. Ed Brokaw

Dr. Bryan Ed Brokaw was born in Pittsfield, IL on February 27, 1949.  He grew up on a general livestock farm with his parents, one older and two younger brothers.  His family raised cows, pigs and grew corn, oats, soybeans and hay.  One thing that he remembers about living on the farm is being chased by the animals and being outrun by them. 

He graduated high school in the top ten percent of this class.  After high school he left home to go to college at Abilene Christian College.  He came to ACC because it was a Christian school with agriculture.  When he came to ACC it was his first time in Texas.  The professors that had the most impact on his life while at college were Dr. Dubose in agriculture, Tommy McCord in Chemistry, and Dr. James Womack who steered him toward his passion for genetics.  While at ACC he joined the social club "The Knights" which was known for its high standing in academics.  During his senior year he married his high school sweetheart Janice Hammit from his home town in Illinois. 

After graduating from ACC he and his wife moved to Corvallis, Oregon where he attended Oregon State to get a Ph. D. in Animal Breeding and Genetics.  His professor who most inspired him at Oregon State was Dr. Ralph Bogart.  During his four years in Oregon his two daughters, Lori and Lisa were born.  After graduation in Oregon he and his family moved back to Abilene, where he began teaching at ACC.  A few years later his son, Bryan was born.  In 1999, he went to Africa on a mission trip and taught an exchange program through Rotary International.  He also taught a semester at Makerere University in Kampala, Ugonda and worked with the church while there.  He has also been to the Ukraine, Spain, Cech Republic, Austria, Germany, Canada, and Kenya.  All of his children attended ACU and his son is a current student.  Dr. Brokaw is now a grandfather of three. 

Today he is still involved in many activities such as the Rotary Club, team livestock judging, and the Aggie Club and Block and Bridle, where he serves as an advisor.  He is also an Elder at Minter Lane Church of Christ where he has been attending since returning to Abilene.  He is a professor who is dedicated to Abilene Christian University's mission statement and continues to care about all aspects of students' lives.


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