Farewell to a Friend - "Doc" DuBose

Doc DuBose in old judging chair

Upon his retirement...once again we bid a fond farewell to a wonderful friend and colleague 

Dr. Edwin DuBose has been involved in the Department of Agriucltural and Environmental Sciences for over fifty years.  Doc as he has been affectionately know by hundreds of students over the years earned his B.S. in animal science in 1952.  he continued his studies at South Dakota State University earning a M.S. in animal nutrition in 1954.  In 1965, he completed his Ph.D. in animal breeding and statistics at Texas A&M University.  Before joining the ACU faculty in 1965, Doc taught at San Angelo Jr. College from 1957 to 1963.  During his tenure at ACU, he has taught nearly all if not every animal science class offered by the department.  He is best known however for his tireless dedication to training the Livestock Judging teams.  he has taken farm kids from the Midwest, dairy farmin New York, ranches in Texas and cities across the country and molded them into champion teams at most of the nationally recognized contests.  In addition, he has directed numerous livestock shows and judging contests.  He is loved by his students and highly respected by his peers and colleagues.  His former team members remember fondly the time and effort he spent with them and the Christian role model that he provided during their formative years.  The hours and miles spent traveling to contests provided many opportunities for mentoring and development of lifelong friendships.

Doc has also been an inspiration to many as he demonstrated the character to overcome many hardships to pursue his dreams and aspirations.  A victim of polio in his early career and rheumatoid arthritis in later years, did not dampen his efforts to compete and win.  His drive and energy exceeded that of many young men who found judging in zero temperature and snow storms more than they had bargained for, but Doc just kept on going as if everything was normal.

Many of you also were there when Doc suffered through the illness and loss of his wife Flo and honored her with the establishment of the Florence DuBose memorial fund which still provides support for the travel of students involved in judging team travel.

Doc wasn't just about work though.  He had a good time with his teams and students.  But even in play his competitive spirit was evident.  Just ask those who spent many of those miles traveling engaged in the noble activity of playing spades.  Doc does not like to loose! 

Doc officially retired in 1993 but continued to teach a few courses each spring through 2006 as professor emeritus of animal science.  In addition to his many activities in the department, Doc has served many years as an elder in the Hamby Church.  Doc is married to Jean and together they have been active in departmental functions and together they have many children and grandchildren.

Doc has been a teacher, a mentor and colleague and most importantly a dear friend and brother in Christ.  The department has never known a time that he was not a vital part of its activities.  We know Doc and Jean will continue to participate in departmental activities, but his day to day presence will be greatly missed.

Doc we love you!



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