DTA 2009 Convention Trip

Over the weekend of April 2-4, some of A&E's best and brightest made the trip to Missouri State University for the 50th annual convention of  Delta Tau Alpha (DTA), the national honor society for agricultural students.  Dr. Foy Mills, Jr., and Dr. Florah Mhlanga, the advisors for the ACU DTA chapter, accompanied 10 students to the convention, where ACU was awarded the highest attendance award for the second year in a row.
While at the convention, the students took part in three general sessions of DTA, which included processing the annual business of the organization and electing new officers for national positions for the coming year.  The group was also able to avail itself of several tours of local businesses including John Deer-Reman, Askinosie Chocolate Factory, Fantastic Caverns, and Springfield Brewery.  Additionally, several students from the group were able to partipate in the Ag Olympics.  Overall, it was a great time for the students to fellowship with each other and get to meet and spend some time with the representatives of the other schools represented at the convention.

Student in attendance:
Kaitie Kirkpatrick (ACU Voting Delegate and president of the ACU DTA Chapter)
Cason McInturff (Southern Region Vice President 2007-2008)
Colton Laws
Caitlin Deatherage
Timber Barkley
Mike Hamilton
Alex Wann
Kendra Gregory
John Ferguson
Christy Cupp

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Expanding Horizons
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