Report from Rhoden Farm Manager Dru Stevens

Wildflowers growing on farmOver the past year, I served as the part-time student farm manager of the ACU Rhoden Farm. I have always loved agriculture and especially the farming and ranching part of it, and this position has allowed me to learn continually, while also getting to teach others. I thoroughly enjoyed my position, but found it difficult to accomplish the goals which needed to be completed within a twenty hour work week. I am excited to begin full time, making it much easier to finish goals and start on new goals for the Rhoden Farm. The farm has a lot of Creek flowing through farmpotential to become a great facility for students and others to enjoy for educational and fun purposes. We hope to have the equine barn finished by the beginning of the next school year. I also plan to begin the much needed mesquite control this summer. There are many projects going on at the farm that we are excited about for the next year. With all the rain, the farm is looking beautiful and has provided us with excellent grazing and crop production.  We have three new additions, including a registered Angus Bull, a Chester Boar, and a two month old colt. The bull and boar will be used to improve our livestock herds. The bull was purchased through Brandon Horn who owns Horn Livestock. Gus (the paint colt) will be used for our horsemanship labs in a couple years.
New stables being built at farm

Stables at Rhoden Farm
A&E is in the process of building new stables this summer. They should be complete by the beginning of the fall semester.

Herd of Bulls




Herd of Cattle at Rhoden Farm
The A&E Department purchased an Angus bull in the spring of 2007.

New Colt at farm




New Colt
Gus was donated to the A&E Department.  He is 3 months old and will be used for our Horsemanship lab in a couple of years.

Expanding Horizons
Expanding Horizons
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