Environmental Compliance Peer Audit Training

Dr. Jim Cooke was privileged to attend Texas Environmental Compliance Peer Audit Training on Aug. 11-13, 2009.  The EPA training is in conjunction with and approved by Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas Inc. (ICUT), Texas Association of Community Colleges, Texas Council of Public University Presidents and Chancellors and the Arkansas Independent Colleges and Universities.

The three day training on the Baylor University campus involved in-depth lectures on EPA regulations and field experiences demonstrating audit best practices in specific areas of the University.  Cooke was awarded a Certificate of Completion issued by Halloran & Sage LLP and HRP Associates, Inc.

The responsibility of a peer auditor is to prepare his or her campus for a Peer Compliance Audit, and to help host that event on their campus and to participate in as many as four Peer Compliance Audits at other Colleges and Universities in EPA Region Six.  The time frame for these activities will be the next four to five years.

ACU’s involvement in this program is a serious endeavor to bring the campus into compliance with air and water regulations, and avoid non-compliance penalties. Being a member of the ICUT Environmental Compliance Project has bought us time to understand the regulations, do a large one time clean-up, adjust our campus culture and initiate an Environmental Management System (EMS).  As Cooke relates, “The commitment to compliance must equal the task and the task is huge.”

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